Improve your productivity

Tools and techniques to help you become very productive.

Find Balance

Learn how to find a great work/life balance while improving your productivity.

Maximize your impact

Techniques to help you finally start the work and projects that matter the most to you.


MakeTimeFlow will help you to

  • Be in control of your time,
  • To do really effective work and enjoy it more, and
  • Maximize your impact in your personal and professional life.

It’s a framework for becoming intentional about your time, for knowing what you want to invest your time in and then following through on that intention. MakeTimeFlow supports you with focused learning, a powerful intentional timer, actionable data and fun achievements and connecting with your support buddy or coach (in the premium version).

Check out this short video about the core features!




Short productivity videos with a laser focus on improving your productivity, balance and impact, including using smart systems, controlling your tasks, email and slack, as well as how to find flow and do deep work!


Intentional timer

Take control of your time, with our simple but powerful timer. Track important projects, but also what matters to you. Find flow, and avoid going down rabbit holes with email, browsing and social media.



Celebrate your achievements as you develop more and more control of your time, your email and your calender. Have access to the data that will actually help you to improve and grow.


Support & coaching

Change is hard. We know, we've helped many people to improve, and sometimes you need an expert to help adapt these powerful techniques to your unique situation. Our coaches can help!


Jori T.

Technical Architect, France

I've been using MakeTimeFlow only a week and taking baby steps with it, but am fascinated to realize its power. Flow goes beyond just a reminder, acting as a type of subconscious beacon that gently holds the mind and attention on track.

Michael B.

Physician/Consultant, United States

I'm listening to Peter Drucker's classic “The Effective Executive” , and there is a whole section of the book that argues that the effective executive knows where [their] time goes. He believes that to be effective, one needs some way of measuring how much time is spent on different activities. I guess I will soon have a new ability in that regard.

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